Document Notary Services in South Africa

Document Public Notary Services in Pretoria South Africa


We provide a fast, efficient, flexible and friendly notarisation and legalization services. Located in the heart of Pretoria and Cape Town in South Africa, we are near the department of Foreign affairs (DIRCO) Office and most embassies. This means we can turn documents around very fast if required to do so.

If you sign a legal document for use in another country, it usually has to be notarised. Notarisation is a very serious process. It is not a rubber-stamping formality. Parties and officials in other countries rely on a notary’s confirmation that documents are genuine and have been signed by the right people. Notarisation and legalisation are forms of legal certification which certify that a document or a signature is authentic or a true copy. Intellectual Property Offices in some countries require formal documents (e.g. Power of Attorney forms) to be filed with these such legal certifications.

For some countries, formal documents may need to be notarised (i.e. certified by a Notary Public) and then legalised (i.e. certified again) by that country’s foreign consulate or embassy.

For other countries, which are members of the Hague Convention of 1961, formal documents may need to be notarised (i.e. certified by a Notary Public) and then legalised by Apostille (i.e. certified again by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office).

If you have been advised that certain documents require notarisation and/or legalization send us your request and we will assist.

Although Notaries can usually notarise documents straight away, obtaining further legalisation at a foreign consulate or embassy or at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office may take a few days so it is important to arrange this in good time before any deadlines. Failure to file formal documents with the required notarisation and legalisation by the specified deadline may result in delays in legalizing your documents.

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