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  • Financial-Economic Document Translation

    Translating an economic/financial document requires an understanding of the context and the correct and consistent translation of specialized terms. Our services for the translation of financial, economic, and insurance documents guarantee high quality through its network of 241,769 native speaking translators with a high degree of specialization in economic and financial matters. Translated acts as partners for economic or financial translations. We evaluate the needs, providing what is required in your local language, adapted to the specific nuances of economics jargon. Finance and tax systems are different in every country, hence the importance of identifying any aspect that requires specific adaptation. Some examples of translations in this field are:

  • • Budgets/balance sheets, Income statements

  • • Contracts , Tax returns

  • • Bank records ,Insurance documents

  • • Bank guarantees, Private and public offers

  • • Accounting procedures, Due diligence procedures

  • • Financial projects, Investment prospects

  • • Annual reporting, Auditors' reports and Cash flow statements

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