Legal Interpreting Services

Legal Qualified Court Interpreters in South Africa in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth & all Major Cities in Africa for English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese and Foreign Language Interpreters/ Translators

Legal Qualified Court Interpreters

We provide excellence in court interpretation services.
We offer law firms, solicitors and lawyers fully qualified, highly experienced Court Interpreters in all languages across South Africa.

If you are in need of an accomplished court interpreter then look no further.

Our court interpreters;

  • cover all languages and dialects
  • can attend hearings in all regions
  • are experienced hands in court with legal proceedings
  • offer professionalism, impartiality and confidentiality

A court interpreter is available for both short and long term cases throughout the South Africa. Please speak to one of our office  about your court interpretation or translation requirements.

Prior to booking a court interpreter please be sure to have all the necessary details at hand including

  • court dates
  • court address
  • basic outline of the case
  • start times
  • contact names

We can provide an interpreter that can keep you fully informed through the proceedings and help you to ask questions and make statements in the native language that is being used.

  • Available when you need them
  • Experienced in legal and emergency interpreting
  • Interpreting for you
  • Explain your views in the local language

We provide experienced Interpreters in the 11 South Africa official Languages and All Foreign Languages; South African Official Languages Include, English, Afrikaans, IsiZulu (Zulu), IsiXhosa (Xhosa)

Official Foreign Languages Include; English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese/Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Greek, Bengali, Punjabi Swahili,

Court interpreters are available in most world languages including Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Dari, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, German, French, Romanian, Chinese, Pashtu, Portuguese, Turkish, Serbo-Croat, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Urdu and many more

We are available to help you when you need us and at a price that makes it affordable in any situation.

Fill in the request guide form below and  send  your request now. We will  revert back to you with a suitable quotation

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