Medical Interpreting Services

Medical Interpreting Languages Services South Africa in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth & all Major Cities in Africa for English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, South African Languages: Afrikaans, English, IsiZulu, IsiNdebele, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, Siswati, Tshivenda, Xitsonga, South African Sign Language and other Language Interpreters

Medical interpreting services

Mzansi Communication Interpreters provide face-to-face interpreting by medically trained linguists to aid communication and the exchange of information between patients with limited English and health care professionals. 

Within today's multi-cultural society, the crucial role of a medical interpreter is invaluable to the South African health system. Our specially trained and experienced healthcare interpreters enable the accurate interpretation of medical information between patients and a medical professional faced with a language barrier.

 Engaged in a variety of environments and settings including Hospitals, private clinics and General Practices; our linguists interpret symptoms, medical histories, questions and concerns from patients to doctors. And with knowledge of medical terminologies our interpreters precisely explain diagnosis, treatment and medical information from medical staff directly to their patients.

We provide affordable medical interpreters in over 100 languages and dialects to interpret between patients and their health professionals. Our linguists are culturally aware, compliant with preserving patient confidentiality and specifically trained to interpret for medical situations. We specialize in consecutive and face-to-face interpreting, in all types of medical environments and at any time of the day. 

Our interpreters can allow you to quickly and efficiently explain your medical needs or problems in any of the usual South African languages.

This is a low cost way of ensuring that you are getting the right information to the medical professional that you are talking to and that you completely understand the treatment that they are recommending. Our great team of South African interpreters is able to meet any combination of local and foreign languages that you need to.

We provide experienced Interpreters in the 11 South Africa official Languages and All Foreign Languages; South African Official Languages Include, English, Afrikaans, IsiZulu (Zulu), IsiXhosa (Xhosa)

Official Foreign Languages Include; English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese/Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Greek, Bengali, Punjabi Swahili,

  • Experienced medical interpreters
  • Telephone interpreters
  • Huge range of languages
  • Low cost

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