Portuguese Course Level1

Portuguese for Absolute Beginners
Beginners 1 Portuguese Syllabus
imagesThis Course is an introduction part of Portuguese language and limited to absolute beginner’s level 1 only. Our Portuguese for Absolute Beginners course syllabus provides a first contact with the language for those students with no previous knowledge or studied it a long time ago. The syllabus is based on different topics that will help you get by when meeting Portuguese speaking people. It is designed for those wishing to learn how to read, write and speak in Portuguese, at the same time, it introduces the workings and sounds of the language Read More and it provides the necessary tools to enable students to make sentences from scratch. Absolute beginners who have no or very limited contact with Portuguese language can register at any time during the year Read More
Duration: 12 weeks
Date & Time Schedule per each class: 2 days in a week, 2 hourly lesson per each day
Total Number of Hours: 40 hours for this level.
Start of the next Session: Learners can register at any time through out the year. With a minimum of 12 learners, the course can start.
Level I English course is equivalent to Grade 1- 3 Portuguese speaking knowledge, by the end of this course; you will be able to do the following,
By the end of these levels,
You will be able to speak and understand Portuguese in a very limited way, You can be able to shop or travel with basic Portuguese, you will know the fundamentals of Portuguese pronunciation, you will be capable of greeting people and introducing yourself, you will be capable of asking and understanding simple questions and answers when the other person speaks slowly and has a familiar accent.
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