Sworn-official-certified Translation

  • Sworn translations (certified, sworn, official)

    Mzansi Communication offers its sworn translation service in more than 80 languages and ensures high quality, handling your certified translation project from A to Z. What is a sworn translation (certified, sworn or official)? (sworn translation) is a translation performed by a sworn translator, that is to say, a person who has taken an oath before a court (High) and who is officially approved to provide a translation into the language combination in question.

  • • Birth Marriage & Death Certificate

  • • Legal documents

  • • Letter of Impediment

  • • Educational Certificates

  • • Company Articles of Association

  • • Power of attorney & Affidavits

  • • Contracts, Wills and Patents

  • Oder of Divorce, Police clearance Certificate and Notary documents

  • • Business document translation

  • • Technical data sheets, Diplomas and Transcripts

  • • contracts, financial statements and reports

  • • civil record certificates (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate)

  • • documents relating to the adoption of a child

  • What other documents require a sworn translation?

    All documents to be produced before an official body or a State authority (universities, prefectures, municipalities, consulates, etc.), namely to obtain official documents (residence card, application for naturalization, and so forth), generally require a certified translation.

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