Mandarin Course Level 12

Learn to Speak Mandarin in south Africa
Level 1 and Level 2 (From Absolute to Elementary Beginner)
This Mandarin Language combo is from the Absolute Mandarin Learners (beginners) with no previous knowledge of Mandarin language to the level 2 where the learner has the basic ability to communicate in Mandarin. The combo comprises of Mandarin level 1 and level 2 combined. The syllabus is based on different topics that will help you get by when meeting and doing business with Mandarin speaking people. At the same time, it introduces the working and sounds of the language and it provides the necessary tools to enable learners make sentences from scratch.
It is designed with the intention of enabling adults to become literate and numerate in Mandarin language. It enables adult learners to read, write, calculate and learn spoken Mandarin in line with the unit standards for ABET Level 1 and Level 2 . Topics covered in these levels are the Mandarin letters, Mandarin numbers, conjugation basics, asking and giving directions, introducing yourself ( asking and telling your age, nationality, profession, etc) genders ( feminine and masculine), Quantity, Pronunciation Read More
Duration: 24 weeks
Date & Time Schedule per each class: 2 days in a week, 2 hourly lesson per each day
Total Number of Hours: 40 hours for this level.
Start of the next Session: Learners can register at any time throughout the year. With a minimum of 12 learners, the course can start.
This course is aimed at adults and focus on language that you can use in everyday conversation, our teaching is interactive making learning easier, faster and fun!
We offer this course to individuals, Companies, Family, and government department; in group sessions or as private tuition.
By the end of these levels,
You will be able to speak and understand Mandarin in a very limited way, You can be able to shop or travel with basic Mandarin, you will know the fundamentals of Mandarin pronunciation, You can understand language used in every situations if the speaker speaks slowly and clearly, You can be able to make simple sentences and reply to simple questions; talk about likes/dislikes, family and routines; order a meal in a restaurant/ go shopping and understand and write basic text.

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