Setswana Course Level3

Setswana for Advanced Beginners
Beginners 3 Setswana Syllabus
Photo 1Setswana for Beginners 3 is the most advanced of the three beginner courses. It is designed for students who have completed the second stage 1 and 2 or for those learners with previous exposure to Setswana, looking to build their knowledge. It’s a great course for consolidating what you’ve learned, practicing it and using it to prepare for an upcoming trip. Travelers who don’t want to lose the Setswana they’ve learned also fit well in this course. Students can start at any time during the year Read More
Duration: 12 weeks
Date & Time Schedule per each class: 2 days in a week, 2 hourly lesson per each day
Total Number of Hours: 40 hours for this level.
Start of the next Session: Learners can register at any time through out the year. With a minimum of 12 learners, the course can start.
Level 3 Setswana course is equivalent to Grades 6- 7 Setswana speaking knowledge, by the end of this course, you will be able to do the following Read More
By the end of this level,
You will be able to communicate in a range of everyday social and travel contexts, You can talk with confidence ( go shopping, book a hotel room; make conversation in Setswana; Write and understand simple written text and understand a wider range of grammar and vocabulary. You can be able to speak Setswana with some confidence
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