Zulu Level2

Zulu for Intermediate Beginners
Beginners 2 Zulu Syllabus
Zulu phZulu Beginners Level 2 course is for those who already have a basic ability to communicate in Zulu. It is intended For learners who have completed Zulu for Beginners Level 1, or for those who have had previous experience with the language and want to review it, our Zulu for Beginners 2 course syllabus is the optimal choice. You will gain confidence while consolidating what you’ve learned with this course’s material. Zulu for Beginners 2 also suits those interested in Zulu for travelers. Students can start at any time during the year Read More
Duration: 12 weeks
Date & Time Schedule per each class: 2 days in a week, 2 hourly lesson per each day
Total Number of Hours: 40 hours for this level.
Start of the next Session: Learners can register at any time through out the year. With a minimum of 12 learners, the course can start.
Level 2 Zulu course is equivalent to Grades 4- 5 Zulu speaking knowledge, by the end of this course, you will be able to do the following Read More
By the end of these levels,
You can understand language used in every situations if the speaker speaks slowly and clearly, You can be able to make simple sentences and reply to simple questions; talk about likes/dislikes, family and routines; order a meal in a restaurant/ go shopping and understand and write basic text

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